Fight Arena

Beta testing of "Fight Arena"

About the Game
"Fight Arena" is third-person multiplayer fighting game.
The combat system includes WASD-based movement, punches, kicks, super attacks, dodges, jumping, combos and parkour elements.
Various characters.
Many types of melee weapons: baseball bats, shurikens, bottles and more.
Special abilities.
Different types of fighting arenas.
Ratings top players.

Beta Testers Wanted
We are looking for beta testers who can give us feedback on the current version of the game: bugs, ideas.

Benefits of Being a Beta Tester
Testers with useful feedback will be rewarded with in-game currency.

Becoming a Beta Tester
1. Start playing: and register with your email address.
2. Email us from your email address with your feedback.
3. We will study your feedback and credit you with in-game currency.

Feedback Guidance
What types of questions will help us most?
Does the game start? (if not, what are the technical characteristics of your computer)
Is it clear how to control the character? (if not, what's the problem)
Is it interesting to play?
How can I improve this game?
Will you recommend this game to your friends?

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